Metafrasi offers Translations for the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry

Naples, Italy, Dec, 2020: Metafrasi S.r.l. have apparent intentions. They aim to bring together the company’s goal of meeting all needs for translation and related services in industries across all domains. Following the tremendous growth ever since its inception in 2005, the company has made strenuous efforts to cater to businesses of every size, industry, and professionals who work in international markets.

Today Metafrasi offers services such as: 

• Trademark and Patent translation: Specific language, consistent terminology, and faithfulness to the source text to protect the intellectual property of trademarks and patents.

• Multilingual technical document translation: Manuals, contract specifications, and multilingual technical specifications supporting enterprises aiming at international markets.

• Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry translation: Terminological and methodological rigor to translate protocols, clinical studies, medical devices, and publications in the medical, pharmaceutical, and scientific fields.

• Certified and sworn translation: We provide certified and sworn translations for documents requiring international validity.

• Machine translation post-editing: Sophisticated translation software and expert linguists for workflow optimization.

• Translator training: Training curricula are devised for industry professionals or would-be translators.

Metafrasi was conceived from an entrepreneurial spirit to serve the translation requirements in different industries. While Metafrasi continues to grow exponentially, everyone associated with Metafrasi takes pride in offering innovative services in the domain of translation. As the company evolves and widens its vision, the people at Metafrasi firmly believe it is the right time to translate their translation service story in a better way. Metafrasi has been looked up as a role model in the translation service sector because they have changed the way business is done. Their goal is to be well appreciated by both their employees and clients.

Metafrasi has brought in some major reforms to break the cumbersome and tedious nature of the translation service industry. They intend to not lose out on time and resources something that causes stagnation but instead work out on a model that is feasible for industries of all sizes. Metafrasi specializes in medical, chemical, pharmaceutical, biochemical, scientific, mechanical, industrial, electronic, and telecommunications industries. To learn more visit

About Metafrasi

Metafrasi S.r.l. is a professional language service company for businesses of any size, in any industry and for professionals who work in international markets. It was founded in 2005 and from the outset, Metafrasi earned the trust of many prestigious domestic and international customers, establishing fruitful and lasting collaborations with the ability to offer higher quality that has allowed it to be selected by major multinational companies as their exclusive provider of language services.


Phone Number: (+39) 081 193 21 890

Toll Free Number: 800 70 82 89

Fax Number: (+39) 081 193 21 890

Email Address: [email protected]



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