Monopoly GO Emojis Ultimate Guide

Monopoly GO Emojis Ultimate Guide

In Monopoly GO, Emojis can be used as an additional way for players to interact or show their true selves. After certain events occur, like a Bank Heist or Shutdown, you can express emotions through emojis. So in this guide, we will help you know how to get and use all these cool items in the game.

In Monopoly Go, the exact number of available Emojis is not fixed because new ones are often added through updates or during some special holiday period. However, according to different sources, there should be more than 100 unique emojis currently available for collecting.

How To Get Emojis in Monopoly Go?

Emojis serve as rewards for different activities carried out by players while playing this game. Although it is generally impossible to buy any particular emoji directly; however, there are several ways that you can acquire them:

Quick Wins: Completing Quick Wins across multiple days contributes towards Weekly Reward progress where some of those prizes might include certain emojis.

Partner Events: Sometimes they give away gifts during partner events that may include an emoji among them or even award one as a grand prize upon finishing such event.

Limited-time Events: Participating in time-limited events may provide you with an opportunity to win an emoji depending on the rank required for this event and often higher placements are given exclusive ones.    
Daily Check-ins: Logging in consecutively for a certain number of days will grant you an emoji at the end which is usually the seventh day.

How To View Your Current Emojis in Monopoly GO?

To get to know more about your current emoji collection, do the following:

    Tap the icon with three bars in the upper right corner of the screen.
    Pick ‘My Showroom’ from the drop-down menu.
    Choose Emojis to see what emojis you have got.

How to use your Emojis in Monopoly GO?

Using emoji in the game is extremely simple. To use an emoji, you’ll see an orange smiley icon appear next to your profile photo. Simply click on it and select the emoji you want to use! Here’s the example if you want to send an emoji during a card exchange so you understand correctly:

    Just before sending your sticker click on the orange smiley symbol
    Then select the emoji you want to send to the other player
    Now all you have to do is send the card! You can see that the emoji has been added.

Now you know how to get and send emojis in Monopoly GO. Use it to convey emotions or show off some swag now!

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