My Writing Journey

My writing journey began on August 1st of 2020, I had been working online doing different things like jewelry, makeup, fashion, makeup again and working on my photography and back to makeup again. After getting nowhere and getting frustrated, stressed out, and crying over the fact of not making any money I have had it, at one point I did nothing for year except to take time and reflect on myself and give myself time. I never could understand why I couldn’t make any money and I did make money I did quite well in the makeup biz but then I got bored with it so I gave photography a chance I love photography and have a natural talent for and I wanted to sell prints, I even tried opening my own photography business doing portraits but due to lack of money it just wasn’t in the cards.  I had been working online forever and just never succeeding at it.

Now normally I would have given up and thrown in the towel but it wasn’t it in me I loved working from home and being my own boss, making my own schedule and being there for my kids when they woke in the morning and when they came home from school. It wasn’t until last year during Covid-19 that something dawned on me, I have always loved writing ever since I was ten years old and I wrote my first children’s book, but also wanted a job where I could make money and be successful at. So, around August 1st, 2020, I did some research online on how much money you could make being a freelance writer and when I fund the answer I was completely flabbergasted, I could be making ten thousand dollars just by writing; well let’s just say that day I went for it. How did I start off? I started by sitting down with a notebook and decided on what I wanted to write, I have always loved the paranormal, supernatural, and horror so I decided to write short stories in those genres, but it I didn’t stop there I wanted to try writing articles so I wrote paranormal and supernatural articles, and then threw some other genres like fitness, travel, food, pets, and photography.

When I decided what writing niches, I wanted I made a website and blog and just started off writing in my blog, I would share my writing journey or my articles and short stories to gain readers and followers. But at that time, I was with Wix which all and all isn’t a very good website or a blog site. I was barely getting views or reads, and I didn’t even gain any followers. Now at this point it started to bring me down a bit and made sad I about gave up. I heard a lot about WordPress and how it’s a great site for blogging and I just never gave it much of a chance. After having several issues with Wix blog I dumped that site and went to WordPress and I set my blog on there and oh my gosh, my blog blew I began getting more views, fans, readers, and followers and I have been with them ever since, and it’s my forever blog site for blogging. I only regret not using them earlier in my writing journey.

My start with my writing journey not only began with blogging but during that time I was researching sites to find for my articles and short stories, sites that would pay me. I found two sites that I fell in love with and used I started using this site called Storypaid and they pay you to write short stories and the pay was amazing and it was all well and good until I hit some bumps in the road of my journey which totally sucked because I was started make money with it. They started having issues with my account like getting locked out all time, or poor support, nobody would help you. I quit that site and went to Vocal and that site would have been just for my articles except I needed a site to share my short stories as well I used them for about a twelve months or so and then they began rejecting my short stories and articles, or there would be issues with my account.

I quit Vocal and I looked online for months at time trying to find somewhere to post my short stories and articles but I came up with nothing. So just strictly posted to my blog, which is fine but I wanted a source of income. I had come across this site called Medium when I first started looking for places to post my work and I tried it once but didn’t really gave much of a chance so I quit it. I joined a site called PenPee but their site was too confusing for me to use and then I went to a site called and that’s a great site for short stories except it takes them forever to publish your work and the downfall was you have to upgrade in order to use it.  At one point I almost gave up on writing all together because I was getting frustrated and I couldn’t find any sites to use for my articles and short stories, I even quit blogging. I hit a lot of bumps in the word of my writing journey like fear of failing, people told me that my articles were great but didn’t like the format, or that my grammar, or there would be days I get writer’s block and couldn’t write. But now I found my forever home for posting my articles, short stories, and poems and it’s called Medium and I love it, but most of all I am becoming successful with it.  

But what was it that made push through was my passion, dedication for writing it’s what made me persevere through everything. I think the most thing that got me through is I changed my way of thinking I stopped thinking negative thoughts and changed to only thinking positive thoughts.  Changing my mindset has done wonders for me and my writing. Where am I now in my writing journey? I am in an amazing place, I am beyond happy, and I am becoming successful, and most of all I am making money with my writing.




Written by Writing With C.W.

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