Paint Thickness Gauge: An Essential Tool to Evaluate Paint Thickness


The Paint Thickness Gauge or PTG or Paint Depth Gauge helps measure paint thickness. It is an electronic device that has a sensor at the bottom of the device. It can also be connected via wire with the test piece whose thickness needs to be measured.

How is the measurement done?

There are two ways to measure the thickness of a dry paint film – one, is the destructive method where the coating needs to be cut for measuring and the other is the non-destructive method. In the latter method, the coat is not damaged and the thickness is measured using methods like eddy current, magnetic induction and more.

The paint thickness gauge is a non-destructive method of measurement. The sensor is held at 90 degrees to the panel surface or test piece surface. The machine then measures the distance between the sensor and panel that is just below the paint, which, in turn is the thickness of the paint.

What is the utility of the paint thickness gauge?

When you know the paint thickness, you will have a clear idea about how much paint you require for finishing the painting job. The device gives the painter an indication of different layers of paint required for the job.

With the help of the gauge one can measure the thickness of a dry film coat. Professionals in the coating industry understand the relevance and significance of this measurement. For others, it is important to understand the coating thickness impacts three critical measurements:

  • The quality of the coat;
  • The cost of the painting job; and
  • The coating process.

It is also important because it gives the painter an idea about the expected life of the coat as well as its performance, and how it is going to impact the look of the product being painted. Also, the measurement of the paint thickness is an essential parameter when the product goes to the international market because there are compliances that need to be met.

Accuracy of reading

Today there are gauges that offer precise measurement readings and there are some that offer moderately accurate measurements. The price of the gauge increases with the accuracy in measurement.

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