**Passenger Vans and Mini Vans for you – Personalized NEMT Services

February 2021, New Jersey, USA- Boomerangcare has launched passenger vans and minivans for healthcare facilities to offer comfortable and safe rides. Not only they are pocket-friendly, but are comfortable and tailored based on your requirements. We have also partnered with Homecare to give our clients on-time and integrated 360-degree services, as we care for you. 


We have various options of rides for you to choose from. Each of them is wheelchair enabled to ensure their clients are able to move independently and comfortably. Equipped with emergency instruments, all the vans are AI-camera enabled. The drivers are thorough professionals with all the certifications. Each of them goes through background checks and regular drug tests. Taking care of you is our primary motto, hence we cater to the transportation requirements of clients with fast, advanced, and economical non-emergency medical transportation services.


Connect with us to book your comfortable NEMT ride, anytime. If you have any queries, please mail us at [email protected]


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