Reasons of Using Overhead Clothing Conveyor


On a busy garment line, it’s quite challenging to keep the workflow steady. People working in this sector do everything they can do to avoid holdups and ensure a smooth operations from start to finish. Also your customers expect you to remain one the best of the modern industry technologies, as they are keen towards processing their orders quickly and efficiently. So whether you operate a busy dry cleaner, a hotel, a hospital or another business that needs to move garments down the production line, using a quality overhead clothing conveyor will truly help you to maximize your space and boost the productivity of your operations.

Overhead clothing conveyor system make use of cubic space means the industry with limited space can even make use of such systems. Since this system does not use any platform, it doubles up your floor space. Easy to use and control, this system come with a touchscreen interface that offers mesmerizing options like loading, unloading and speed adjustment. The system can be easily installed in a large warehouse, and also you can opt for sorting garments on hangers.

Overhead conveyor system contributes significantly to the automation of the distribution process and hence ease in accelerating throughout rates and reducing warehousing costs.

Reasons for Using Overhead Garment Conveyors

•Maximize the storage of vertical air space in your facility into valuable storage space

•Prevent needless handling of garments, costumes and historical clothing.

•Eliminate the risk of accidents by employees climbing ladders to store and save hanging clothing and costumes.

With garment sorting system for dry cleaner you can automatically sort and consolidate orders as per to delivery route, store or department. The system also sort orders into dispatch buffer target lanes that are ready for shipping.

As a full system integrator professional service provider can provide good sound advice through the various phases of the project including project development, data analysis, design layout, pricing, mechanical installation, electrical installation, controls, host interfaces, project management, testing, commissioning, and operational support. It is good to contact professional when you are considering your conveyor or sorter system. RFID or barcode identification makes it a completely robust system with regards to speed, accuracy and reliability.

It’s truly frustrating to pull your white clothes out of the washing machine merely to find some different color clothes inside it.Sorting clothing is essential for laundry success. Overhead conveyor will play crucial role in making your clothes ready for dry cleaning. It ensure sorting the clothes by color and fabric type. The best thing is that it will prevent abrasion and damage to finer fabrics. So install a best quality conveyor system to enjoy a smooth workflow and a significant boost in productivity as soon as possible.

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