RiverBum Introduces New Product Assortment for Fly Fishing

Mesa, Arizona, July 16th, 2021 – RiverBum, Inc. has announced the release of a 30-piece Hopper Dropper fly assortment – a new product specifically designed for beginner or advance fly fishing anglers who are ready to target trout in late summer or early fall.

The Hopper Dropper assortment is composed of a durable 10 compartment waterproof fly box, 15 premium hopper flies and 15 nymph flies of various styles and sizes, hand-tied and hand-selected by RiverBum’s pro staff of guides from across the USA & Europe.  This diligently chosen assortment includes tried and true, “must have” flies proven to catch fish.

The Hopper-Dropper rig setup is important to all fly angers novice and advanced. The hopper-dropper rig consists of a big bushy dry fly at the top of the setup, with a nymph drifted in the water below. The nymph is rigged to the hopper because trout feed mostly below the surface. Often, the trout will rise to the hopper, turn, and take the nymph offering. In this case, the hopper acts as a strike indicator, but also one that can catch fish.

“We are excited to bring to the market a product that offers both the novice angler as well as the advanced angler flies to help bring more fish to the net.” says David Jolie, CEO of RiverBum.

Website: https://riverbum.com/ 

Phone Number: 1-888-674-6360 x 701

E-mail: [email protected]

About the Company: 

RiverBum is a powerful new force in the fly fishing industry. RiverBum offers premium quality flies and gear at highly competitive prices.  A family owned US business, RiverBum promotes the sport of fly fishing to all folks from every walk of life.



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