Soldering with Flux... It's Like Magic

Replacing brushes on Fresenius 2008 Series deaeration motor.


Soldering with Flux… It's Like Magic

Soldering with Flux… It’s Like Magic


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Written by Eric Cirignano

Biomedix is transforming dialysis technical operations with our next-generation solution for hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and dialysis centers. We optimize communication and equipment reliability and simplify compliance and documentation to help dialysis providers focus on what they do best: providing world-class patient care.


We have a vision that dialysis technology can be managed and maintained at 100%, and every day we strive to make this a reality for the communities we serve. Biomedix operates in a completely new way, managing our own workforce of highly-trained biomedical technicians, and keeping them focused exclusively on the high-level expertise needed to achieve 100% compliance.


Our leadership team has many decades of equipment and facility management experience within some of the industry’s top dialysis providers. Our dedication to empowering peak performance extends to everything we do: dialysis machine installation, repair and maintenance, water systems, microbiology, and AAMI testing, technical audits, QAPI meeting reports, physical environments, and more.


Leading dialysis providers rely on 24/7 access to Biomedix experts to reduce labor costs and liability, prevent mistakes and oversights, and optimize equipment reliability and durability. Biomedix clients also benefit from reliable data for informed decision making, fast service and lower repair costs, meticulous compliance and document management, and facility upgrades and maintenance made simple.


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