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According to a report, more than 60% of customers prefer companies who prefer communicating through messages. We all want things to be faster and easier in today’s digital time. We explicitly want our communication to be digital and fast. One such popular way of communication online is through CRM WhatsApp. With a messaging platform like WhatsApp, you can connect with any person within seconds, regardless of their location. Due to these conveniences offered by WhatsApp, this platform is highly valued.

So, if you are a business owner who has just begun using WhatsApp Business, as a beginner, you may not know how to reach your leads via WhatsApp. This is where CRM WhatsApp comes into play to help your company build a better connection with your customers and convert your leads without hassle. To learn all about CRM WhatsApp, read this article.

What Is WhatsApp CRM?

Since the advent of WhatsApp, the platform has gained significant popularity and offered us free messaging services. WhatsApp has revolutionised messaging, and there are over 2 billion people across the world using WhatsApp every month. Because of the vast reach, companies and brands quickly spotted the benefits and potential of this platform.

Business owners initially used their accounts to contact customers and began using WhatsApp as a marketing tool. However, there were countless challenges and constraints that businesses had to go through, such as:

  • No quick replies or templates to send multiple customers at once.

  • They could not respond to many customers simultaneously from a single account.

  • Lead information was not available.

  • There were a lot of challenges in going through the archived contacts and messages.

  • Businesses could show only a limited amount of information about their brand.

By considering these issues, Facebook developed the WhatsApp business. Other than this, Mark Zuckerberg also launched WhatsApp Business API.

However, due to the API interface, brands and businesses still had a challenging time interacting with many customers. This is where CRM WhatsApp comes into the picture.

WhatsApp integrated with a CRM system can help businesses to address the challenges mentioned above. Additionally, WhatsApp CRM allows businesses to receive and send messages to several customers at once through WhatsApp.

Why Is It Important To Integrated CRM WhatsApp?

There are many reasons why you should integrate CRM into your WhatsApp, such as:

  1. You will get needed info about your leads and customers.

  2. You can send, approach, and receive messages from multiple customers simultaneously.

  3. CRM integration will allow customers’ information to flow freely between the applications.

As you can see, with a CRM WhatsApp, businesses can simultaneously send messages to multiple customers. You must integrate WhatsApp with CRM for many reasons.

The primary reason is that it will allow two-way communication between customers and you. Through the CRM system, you will have the ability to send several multimedia attachments to customers facing any challenges with your company.

Additionally, the CRM integration will reduce the administrative workload in the sales department. These systems will allow the sales department to work more effectively and with full productivity. However, before you integrate CRM with your WhatsApp, there are many things that you should know. Read the following to learn more.

Things To Know Before CRM WhatsApp Integration

  • Registering WhatsApp API Numbers

The first to consider before integrating CRM on WhatsApp, you should make an API account for WhatsApp. The phone number you will use for the account should be owned and validated according to your business. Moreover, you should also ensure that the phone number can receive voice calls and SMS.

  • Messaging Restrictions

WhatsApp CRM integration is the best marketing channel. As mentioned, you will get the ability to send text messages to multiple customers at once. However, WhatsApp also has strict policies for bulk messaging. In other words, you can message customers only through the opt-in option.

This policy allows transactional messages to be sent to your customers. The transactional messages include e-commerce sites giving shipping updates or airline companies providing their customers with flight details. However, WhatsApp states clearly that bulk messages are not allowed.

  • Access To WhatsApp Business API

Other than choosing the right CRM WhatsApp integration, you should consider its other prerequisite, WhatsApp Business API. Because Facebook launched WhatsApp Cloud API, you will have the option to choose between these two options. 

You will need to get your account approved for the WhatsApp Business API or the WhatsApp Cloud API. You get access to these APIs only after your account has been approved.

Earlier, businesses opted for the Business Solution Providers to get approval for their accounts. However, it is not essential anymore since Facebook will approve your account directly.


WhatsApp integration is the best way to enhance your company’s communication for a better customer experience. It does not matter whether your company is medium-sized or small-sized. With a CRM WhatsApp, your business can reap the benefits of long-term customer loyalty and better conversion rates. 



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