Tiny House Hobbies- Fun Activities You Can Enjoy in Small Spaces

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Tiny home living has its perks. There is the lower bills, less time spent cleaning and maintaining things, and more freedom to go out and enjoy the world around you. The last one was a bit hindered this year with the onset of the global pandemic, many activities were shut down and/or drastically limited. If you live in a tiny home, with limited space and fewer belongings, how do you shift your free time to spend more of it at home?  

Taking on hobbies in a tiny home can require a little creativity to be able to do and store things with less space. Here are some fun hobbies that can easily be done in small spaces to help pass time at home in a tiny home.  

Two Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Take on a New Hobby 

What Kind of Activities Do You Like?  

Before getting excited about the prospect of starting any new hobby and doing something fun with your free time, ask yourself, what activities that you have done in the past do you truly enjoy? When you are tired and mentally fried what is it your mind instantly goes to wanting to do? Do you gravitate to hanging out on the couch with a book, binge- watching a favorite show, doing something with a group of your favorite people? Does the beauty of the outdoors fuel you? What type of shows hold your interest and make you want to keep watching? Do you enjoy craft shows? Are you drawn to shows about cars?  

Do You Have Enough Room to Set Up Space?  

When considering what things you enjoy that fuel you and put a pep in your step, things that are exciting, interesting and intriguing, this will give you an idea of some hobbies to take on. Is there a few square feet that you can put a locker or small shelving unit in to store a few items for your new hobbies?  

Some Tiny Home Hobby Ideas 

There are actually a lot of hobbies you can take on that will work in a small space. Here are some great ideas to give you a launching point.  

  • Reading: To some this may not seem like a hobby, but it is a great way to pass the time. You can even make it a goal to read books as a means of learning something new or how to do something new. Instead of purchasing a ton of books that sit around your home you can resolve to pass them on to a reading friend, donate them, check books out from the library, or get an e-reader where hundreds of books can be stored in one small space.  

  • Board Games/Puzzles: About a month into the first social distancing shutdowns of the pandemic puzzles became like toilet paper and hand sanitizer. You couldn’t find them anywhere and the ones that could be found were greatly overpriced. This is because puzzles are a great way to pass the time. They keep you wanting to come back and spend time on them for the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction you feel when you finish them. If you are someone that needs something a bit more fast paced, board games are great, with a little creativity they can even be played over video calls with friends.  

  • Hiking: this one is not so much in your small space, but the amount of equipment needed is very minimal, which is helpful. There are thousands of great hikes waiting to be explored all over the Pacific Northwest area and beyond.  

  • Music: There are some instruments that are not really tiny home friendly, like say the grand piano or the tuba, but there are some musical hobbies that require very little space. We just suggest that if you live with another person in your tiny home you find one that allows you to use headphones or talking over taking up this hobby with your housemate. A guitar is fairly small and can double as décor when hung on the wall.  

  • Electronic Games: Game consoles that hook into televisions, to computers, to handheld devices. These are all relatively small on space demand and very fun for the competitor in us. There are countless different types of games as well from puzzle brain teasers, to strategy, to games that can be played online with a group of friends in a team setting.  

For more information on how our products can be used for tiny homes in Puget Sound and surrounding areas please check out our site some more, contact us anytime, or come and see us in Marysville.  

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