Volkswagen Polo: An Evergreen Favorite in Its Sixth Generation

As time marches on, few cars can claim to have stood the test of time like the Volkswagen Polo. Now in its sixth generation, with the possibility of reaching nearly half a century on the road by 2025, the Polo continues to be a stalwart in the world of compact cars. In this article, we’ll explore the enduring appeal of the Volkswagen Polo, reflecting on its evolution since its 2017 launch and its place in the modern automotive landscape.

The Volkswagen Polo has a rich history that spans several decades, and its sixth-generation iteration has proven to be no exception to its legacy. Launched in 2017, it might be considered mature by the fast-paced standards of the automotive industry. However, Volkswagen hasn’t rested on its laurels, giving the Polo a facelift in 2021 to keep it current with the latest technological advancements.

One of the notable design choices in the updated Polo is the full-width Daytime Running Light (DRL) treatment, a feature that has divided opinions among enthusiasts. Whether you love it or find it polarizing, it’s a testament to Volkswagen’s willingness to blend tradition with innovation, pushing the boundaries of design in their compact car lineup.

Step inside the Volkswagen Polo, and you’ll find an interior that embodies sensibility and conservatism. It mirrors the sophistication and refined road manners of its larger sibling, the Golf, making it a true Volkswagen in every sense. While it may have slightly less space than the Golf, the Polo’s interior offers a comfortable and well-thought-out cabin that prioritizes the driver’s experience.

Interestingly, the Volkswagen Polo has come into its own as the Golf has evolved into its eighth generation. Some argue that the Polo now offers more appeal than its larger counterpart. It combines the qualities that have made the Golf legendary with the added benefit of a compact and maneuverable form factor.

While the automotive industry has witnessed a surge in electric and hybrid vehicles, the Volkswagen Polo remains firmly rooted in the combustion engine realm. It eschews electrification in favor of traditional gasoline engines. However, it’s worth noting that Polo’s small petrol engines are equipped with a stop/start system, enhancing fuel efficiency by temporarily shutting off the engine during idle moments, such as waiting at traffic lights.


The Volkswagen Polo, now in its sixth generation, continues to be a symbol of longevity and reliability in the automotive world. While it may not have embraced electric or hybrid technology, it remains a sensible and attractive choice for those seeking a compact car with the essence of a Volkswagen.

In a landscape increasingly dominated by electric and hybrid options, the Volkswagen Polo stands as a reminder of the enduring appeal of well-crafted combustion engine vehicles. Its blend of tradition and innovation, sensible design, and refined road manners make it a compelling choice for drivers who appreciate the classic Volkswagen experience. As the Polo marches toward its fiftieth year, it does so with a legacy of excellence that few cars can match.



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