Wahaso Offers Stormwater Solutions for Commercial Spaces

Aug ’20, Canada: Water Harvesting Solutions (aka Wahaso) is offering storm water solutions for commercial spaces.

It may not be widely known, but there is a big difference between rainwater and stormwater. Rainwater typically refers to the water that hits rooftops.  This water is usually fairly clean and often used in water harvesting systems.  When rainwater reaches the ground, it can pick up debris and impurities including oil, grease, sediment and much more. This water is more contaminated and is referred to as stormwater. However, did you know that even the more polluted water can be harvested for reuse?  Wahaso has the best solutions for harvesting stormwater and a highly skilled, experienced team to assist with your project.

Wahaso offers solutions that filter, sanitize and pressurize the water for on-site reuse. Managing stormwater on-site can be a liability, requiring expensive detention and storage requirements.  Wahaso offers a solution to change this liability into an asset. 

All stormwater systems start with the storage.  Wahaso offers many options suitable for stormwater reuse. Some of the common methods used by Wahaso are underground fiberglass tanks, concrete vaults and the Atlantais D-Raintank system.

Wahaso also offers turnkey filtration and sanitation, starting with pre-treatment of the stormwater upstream of the storage cistern. Downstream treatment include further filtration, sanitation and pressurization.  The treated stormwater can be used in many non-potable applications such as toilet flushing, irrigation and cooling tower make-up.

Wahaso is also a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). Wahaso offers the best stormwater harvesting systems and has been a leading provider throughout the USA and Canada.

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About Wahaso:

Water Harvesting Solutions, Inc. is an expert in designing, building, and delivering custom systems for on-site water reuse of greywater, rainwater, and stormwater on commercial and institutional projects throughout the USA and Canada.


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