What Are FIFA 23 FUT Moments

What Are FIFA 23 FUT Moments

Ultimate Team mode in FIFA has been the most played game mode for a long time. And the same in FIFA 23. Now it offers players a different way to play in single-player – FUT Moments. Here’s a breakdown of FIFA 23 FUT Moments and what the mode means for Ultimate Team.

FIFA 23 FUT Moments are a series of short scenarios broken up into campaigns based on legendary players, teams, and matches. These single-player challenges task players with completing in-game objectives. These can range from scoring a specific type of goal or winning a match from 2-1 down with 10 minutes to complete a certain number of passes. Should you not complete all the challenges, you will have to restart the scenario from the beginning. But the good news is you have as many retries as you need to complete it.

Each story in FUT moments has various chapters you will need to unlock over time. The first chapter will always be unlocked, and players must first buy a free Mbappe reward from the Star Gallery to start the Moments. After completing a couple of challenges, the requirements get more strict. Some Moments have challenging requirements, such as chemistry levels, certain players in your lineup, team overall rating, and more. Take a look at the challenges in each chapter and prepare for the changes you will have to make to your lineup to be able to participate.

By playing and completing games and challenges in FUT Moments, you will earn FUT Stars. Players can also set their own difficulty, which affects how generously they will be rewarded for finishing each FUT Moment. Using your FUT Stars, you can buy items and packs from the Moments Star Gallery.

The rewards in the Star Gallery are separated into two categories, Browse and Seasonal. While the available Browse section will offer the same rewards throughout the year, Seasonal rewards will rotate out periodically, so players will always have different rewards to unlock with their Stars. Also, EA has reassured players that stars can be saved throughout the year and won’t be reset when a new season starts. By the way, FUT 23 coins are still the main currency in Ultimate Team mode.

Browse Menu

  • Gold Pack (12 Items, 1 Rare) – 12 FUT Stars
  • Premium Gold Pack (12 Items, 3 Rare) – 16 FUT Stars


  • 3x Kylian Mbappe (Loan) – 0 FUT Stars each
  • 1x Welcome Pack (12 Gold Items, 3 Rare) – 3 FUT Stars each
  • 3x Gold Contracts Pack (4 Contracts) – 3 FUT Stars each
  • Ted Lasso Manager Item – 4 FUT Stars
  • Coach Beard Manager Item – 4 FUT Stars
  • 3x Gold Players Pack (12 Players, 1 Rare) – 20 FUT Stars each
  • 3x Ultimate Draft Token Pack (1 Draft Token) – 24 FUT Stars each
  • 3x Rare Consumables Pack (12 Consumables, All Rare) – 24 FUT Stars each
  • 1x 81-83 Rated Rare Players Pack (1 Rare Player 81-83 OVR) – 40 FUT Stars
  • 1x Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack (24 Gold Players, 7 Rare) – 64 FUT Stars

Currently, you can earn up to 188 Moment Stars. With this amount, you can buy up to 15 Gold Packs or 11 Premium Gold Packs, which is at least equal to a full squad. So, it is indeed worth it to complete all Moments tasks and collect these easy packs, which are quite good for your starter squad, or even you can use the pack players later to solve Squad Building Challenges.

And this completes your guide to FIFA 23 FUT Moments, and enjoy sinking your teeth in the new game mode. If you want to know more guides, click here.



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