What Are the Benefits of Senior Foot Care in Scarborough?

Senior Foot Care in Scarborough
Senior Foot Care in Scarborough

People of all ages need to take care of their feet. For seniors, though, the task may be difficult. As people age, their flexibility declines. Suddenly, it may be harder to reach their feet. Plus, health issues such as arthritis, Alzheimer’s, dementia, or worsening eyesight can make proper foot care challenging.

Support is available to assist seniors in Scarborough, Oakville, ON, and the GTA. Below are four key benefits to senior foot care and diabetic foot care.

Ensure Foot Health

If you take care of your feet, your feet will continue to support you as you age. Proper foot hygiene is essential to stay healthy. If an elderly loved one in your family can bathe on their own, ask about their foot care:

  • Are they using warm water and mild soap?
  • Are they washing daily?
  • Can they completely dry their feet?
  • Are they trimming their nails?

If they’re not able to complete these tasks, it may be time to look for a foot clinic “near me.”

Stay on Top of Issues

With daily foot care, seniors will be able to monitor for issues. It may be difficult to spot small cuts or blisters. Left untreated, these can cause concern down the road. Plus, seniors with diabetes need extra awareness. They may have less feeling in their feet, making it hard to know if something is wrong. Diabetes can also affect circulation, which may impair the body’s ability to heal.

With professional care, including diabetic foot care, seniors can stay on top of their foot health and prevent complications.

Improve Mobility and Comfort

When a senior’s feet feel healthy, they will be more likely to move around. Painful foot issues and infections can impair mobility. Seniors may walk less, which can affect their overall health. By keeping feet clean and healthy, the benefits will extend to their whole well-being.

Learn About Foot Care

Foot care is about so much more than clean feet. Proper fitting shoes can encourage walking. Socks that fit well can also help to keep feet clean and improve comfort. Issues such as corns and calluses should not be treated on your own. Foot care in Scarborough is available for professional help.

If you’re searching for a foot clinic “near me” for yourself or an elderly loved one, contact iCare Home Health. We provide at-home foot care services for seniors in Oakville, ON, and across the GTA. We also operate clinics in Scarborough and Pickering.

Our Nurse at Home caregivers will provide comfortable foot care and advice for seniors. Call us to learn more.

Source: https://www.icarehomehealth.ca/what-are-the-benefits-of-senior-foot-care-in-scarborough/


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