What Do You Put In A Pillow Box: Some Exciting Uses Of Custom Pillow Boxes

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While a pillow is a soft and comfortable thing created to provide you comfort and solace, how can a hard cardboard box just shaped out to be looked like a pillow make your life easier? Well, it does!

When thinking about Custom Pillow Boxes, a pillow may hardly cross your mind but to our wonder, these custom boxes are used all over the world for versatile purposes. Their most common use is in packaging gift items, jewellery items, or apparel items. You can witness some pillow-shaped soap packaging as well. You can easily pack small gift items, jewellery, or even lingerie apparel. The sides of the box are joined together and the middle of the box is raised to resemble the traditional shape of a pillow. With their unique shape and design, and pouch-like appearance, they come in many small and large sizes to accommodate a range of items for you. Let’s look at some of its features and uses on this page:

1-  What Are Custom Pillow Boxes And What Are They Made Of?

Custom Pillow Boxes are made out of cardboard, kraft boxes, or any other textured stock material because the rest of the options available in the market don’t embody the pillow structure properly. These Cardboard Pillow Boxes can be customised in several ways concerning their shape, colour, design, and size. The most common customization processes include printing of business name, business logo, vivid and creative images, labelling details, instructions to use, or contact details of a brand.

2- What Can We Put In These Custom Pillow Boxes?

As these cardboard pillow boxes are not used in a single industry, their use varies from one store to another, and from one product to another. However, they are best for both_ retail and gifting purposes. In this blog, we will take a plunge into the world of pillow packaging and explore what these boxes are used for?

Apparel Items

The apparel Industry makes very conspicuous use of Wholesale Custom Pillow boxes. Items like shirts, lingeries, jewelry, ties, bows, hosiery, etc, are retailed in them. These Pillow Boxes are often embellished with a PVC window or have a flap opening which greatly enhances the visibility of the product and help customers make an informed purchase decision  See here.

Food Items

The food industry also makes use of custom pillow boxes on a very big scale. Culinary items, which are mostly retailed, are cereals, dried fruits, nuts, small bakery items like croissants, sugar sticks, candies, etc.

Kraft Pillow Boxes For Food Packaging

Custom Kraft Boxes make food packaging aesthetic as well as well protected due to the kraft boxes being the hardest type of custom boxes. These boxes are environment-friendly as well.

Pillow Box Wedding Invites

This is the most common usage of cardboard pillow boxes.  Pillow Wedding invite boxes are customised to include soft and vibrant colours, elegantly printed, and designed with a minimal piece of information printed upon it. For example, the name of the couple is printed only upon the invite box and other details are mentioned on the card. As per the design, mostly die-cutting is used with elegant patterns.

Miscellaneous Accessories

Small, miscellaneous items like jewellery accessories, mobile accessories ( mobile charger, earphones), hair-dressing items ( hairpins, hair clips), etc can be retailed or gifted in them. It can house any light item like hand-picked coffee or tea sachets. Its unique shape makes it versatile enough to accommodate it anywhere for any kind of use.

Gifting Purposes

Fill these adorable little boxes with small treats and delights like sweets, candies, chocolate pretzels, chocolates, etc, or fill them with special greeting notes or gift cards that can make someone’s day. You can double the celebration of your special occasions like birthday parties, weddings, Christmas, etc.

Extremely Beneficial For Businesses

If you are a business entity, you can brag as much as you can about the utility of custom pillow boxes for your business. The biggest advantage is their non-specificity and potential use in every kind of business but if your firm belongs to the food industry or cosmetics industry, you know very well how important presentation is for your business, besides the quality of your product. 

Your packaging is the mode of communication between you and your customers, which tells them that you provide exactly what they are searching for. For instance, if you own a bakery business, there would be a huge chunk of your customer base which would make a purchase from you for gifting purposes. Let say, your cardboard pillow boxes are breathtakingly customised, having a die-cut layout with intricate pattern and strong logo identity, and also includes the sensitive ingredients guidelines that might produce allergic reactions like soy, tree nuts, high gelatine, etc, _ your customer would definitely be hooked up. Regardless of the type of box, the importance of Custom Packaging boxes can’t be underestimated.

Wrapping It Up

Whether you are a business owner or a consumer, the versatility of pillow boxes concerning all customization tools ( colour, size, designing) makes them eligible to be used for different products and purposes. The above-mentioned industries are only some examples of their extensive use and the list goes pretty on.



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