What does NFS mean on Instagram?


If you come across this phrase on the back of an Instagram story or in a blog post, it likely refers to “No Filter Sunday”.

Instagram users mostly use this term when they post photos without filtering, particularly on Sundays. This is a style that encourages others to love and accept their own uniqueness and to post photos that are unfiltered on Instagram.

For Instagram, NFS also means “Not Following Specified.” It is a sign that you’re following a particular person or page, but they’re not following you back.

These are the definitions that are associated with “NFS” on Instagram.

What’s the significance behind “NFS” written on a business page?

If you notice “NFS” written on a business website, it could mean “Not for Sale”. It refers to products that are shown on the website but are not available for purchase at this time for any reason.

If you manage your business through Instagram or are a customer browsing an online business profile and stumble across this phrase, you’re already aware of what it refers to.

What does “NFS” mean on a gaming site?

If you come across this word appearing on a gaming website, this could refer to the most famous racing game “Need for Speed”.

What exactly does “NFS” stand for in Instagram messages?

If someone is using this slang phrase in a message, this will be a sign of “no funny sh*t.” This is slang that can be used to express frustration.

If you hear someone use this phrase, it is a sign that they are fed up with the conversations you previously had with them. It could also mean the person who used the slang has grown tired of the jokes you have been making and would like you to put it down.

Origins of the word “NFS” on Instagram

This acronym was originally used to mean “Not for Sale”, as mentioned in the article previously. The business owners employ this phrase to indicate that a specific item on their website is only used for advertising and that the person who owns this product isn’t ready to market it at the present. However, it may be offered for sale in the future.

Today, NFS is mostly used to mean “No funny sh*t”

What does NFS refer to on Snapchat?

The meanings of the acronym NFS are discussed throughout this post. Based on the situation in which the acronym is being used, it is possible to understand its meaning and respond to it in an appropriate manner.


The use of acronyms and slang on Instagram can be extremely difficult to understand, especially when the word has multiple meanings associated with it.

We’ve attempted to provide all the meanings behind the word “NFS”, which can be utilised on Instagram and other social media websites. We hope you’ve discovered the answer to “What does NFS mean on Instagram?”



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