What to Do After 12th Results Are Out?

What to Do After the Class 12th Results are Out

Are you one of those students wondering What to Do After 12th after their results? Then this post is for you! We will help you with all the possible things to do after 12th and how you can plan a lucrative career. 

Heartiest congratulations on achieving success in passing the 12th class! The day that every student anticipates has arrived – the day when their results are published, and they get to know about their performance. All those years of hard work, dedication & perseverance have finally come down to this moment. The emotions after receiving results can be mixed with uncertainty regarding prospects. You might not have performed well as you expected, or you have scored well.

No matter what your results are, don’t worry. Moreover, this is an exciting phase overflowing with endless possibilities & golden opportunities waiting for you! The period after your 12th ends brings you to such a phase where you need to plan how to secure one of the highest paying jobs in India.

In this post, we will check what are the options a class 12th student has.

What to Do After 12th: Things To Consider

Generally, after completing the 12th class, it is common for students to join the cat race. They don’t allow themselves to find all the available opportunities and choose the career path. Students must note that their career path is their own, and they can’t simply follow what others do.

When making any career choices after 12th, students must consider their:

  • results
  • interests
  • passion
  • ambitions
  • what skills do you possess
  • what you can be good at

Your decision of what to do after 12th must be considered carefully. Hence, below are some things to consider. We hope these can help you make a good decision about your career:

1. Plan For Higher Education

One of the most common things that 12th-pass students do is plan for their higher education. So, you must have thought about a particular course, specific institute, and what specialization you want to do.

If you are planning to continue your higher education, consider the course requirements. For example, the required subjects, the entrance tests you must clear, and other details. Then, you can plan accordingly.

2. Start Preparing For Entrance Exams

The next thing on what to do after 12th is to start preparing for entrance exams. Now that you have a particular course and institute in mind, check what entrance exam scores they accept.

Hence, start preparing and appear for the applicable exams. It is wise to have a backup, that is, another college in mind. So in case you don’t get accepted to the particular college of your choice, you still have choices left.

3. Search Other Options

Higher education isn’t the only option. If you wish to look for a job, there are various job roles, specifically government ones. Moreover, they are accepting applications for 12th-class students. Hence, you can look for various jobs and start preparing for them. Also, there are numerous courses to do after 12th. Hence, consider your options.

4. Certification Courses To Boost Your Skills

The job sector is turning complicated and competitive, particularly the IT sector. Hence, when planning what to do after 12th, enroll in additional certification courses. These skills will help you upskill. Moreover, by the end of your studies, you will have skills to add to your resume and be prepared well to face the competitive job market.

What To Do After 12th Science?

After a student completes their 12th Science consider:

  • So students can pursue engineering by pursuing B.Tech.
  • They can secure a career in medical science by enrolling in MBBS or other similar courses.
  • They can enrol in B.Sc courses.
  • Also, students can take B.Arch.
  • Also, students can change their career path and look for something that interests them.

What To Do After 12th Commerce?

After a student completes their 12th Commerce, consider:

  • Enroll for Bcom or BBA.
  • Take CA, CMA, CS, CFA, CPA, etc., courses alongside Bcom.
  • As a commerce graduate, you have vast career opportunities and look for jobs in Accounting, Finance, Taxation, Auditing, Banking, or any other relevant field.

What To Do After 12th Arts?

After a student completes their 12th Arts, consider:

  • Enroll for BA with specialization or BA(LLB) courses.
  • Go for mass media or journalism courses.
  • Prepare for civil services.


We hope we answered your question on what to do after 12th. Thinking of what to do can be difficult. However, don’t lose hope. You must plan your career well and only choose one that truly interests you. There are various options that offer a great career. Hence choose your career option carefully.


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