When To Expect Bandish Bandits Season 2 Release Date?

Bandish Bandits Season 2 Release Date 1

If you are also looking for the bandish bandits season 2 release date then please wait because we are also on the same queue. After the commendable success of season 1 on Prime Video, there is no official announcement for the season 2 release date. But surely there will be season 2. The last season was 3 years ago in 2020 and people are assuming the release by the beginning of 2024 probably the shooting should start in the mid of 2023. But if you are unaware of the first season let’s go through the fascinating storyline of season one – 

Bandish Bandits Season 1 Plot 

Tamana and Radhe both are from a family which is deeply rooted in music but what differentiates them is the genre Radhe was from a traditional musical family whereas Tamana is from a pop musical family. Both of them met at a Rajasthan concert where Tamana tried to escape but when she listen to Radhe’s music she decided to work with him. Radhe was forced by his family to work in the traditional way of singing but it was not enough to handle his family’s financial situation. When he works with Tamana he makes sure he hides his face with a mask because his family will not allow him to sign more than his family allows. 

He was working hard and already going through a lot but this was when his uncle Digvijay entered the game and said he is the heir of the Rathore house. Tamana through everything that happened because of her and decided to separate from Radhe and will start her career from the beginning. But the next season must come up with some amazing twist and turn and Tamana and Radhe’s love story should continue. 


The story is yet a secret and maybe the story will again release on Amazon Prime Video after the last time success not even a teaser is released but soon we can see Bandish Bandits Season 2 release date. 



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