Why Are Glass Water Bottles Better for The Environment

South Africa, Mar23: Choosing a water bottle is simple, yet many people make the wrong choice because they are unaware of the facts. If you truly want a healthy lifestyle and a healthier environment to live in, you need to understand why glass bottles are better for the environment as well as for yourself.

There are many different types of water bottle materials on the market, including copper, plastic, metal, and glass. Glass bottles are made of natural materials and contain no hazardous chemicals that can leach into your water, unlike some of the other ones. Glass can be recycled endlessly and used again. No matter how many times it is recycled, it never loses its quality or purity.

Today, let’s understand why glass water bottles are better for the environment and what their benefits are.

– Glass Bottles Give You Fresh & Clean Water – Water stored in a glass container stays fresh and tastes good all day. Moreover, glass containers protect filtered water from chemicals without compromising its freshness or purity.

– Environmentally Friendly – Glass can be recycled indefinitely, keeping the bottles in use and out of landfills. They are, therefore, a far better choice than plastic bottles, which, unlike glass bottles, cannot be recycled and affect our environment greatly.

– Easy To Clean – Glass bottles are easy to clean, won’t lose the clarity of the material with regular washing, and if used proper detergent.

– Holds A Steady Temperature – Glass bottles keep liquids at a consistent temperature, whether they are hot or cold. In other words, unlike plastic bottles that may melt when hot liquid is kept in them, glass bottles can hold their shape and do not cause harmful chemical reactions due to heat.

Buying a glass water bottle has benefits beyond aesthetics. A glass bottle gives anybody a healthy and effective way to improve their well-being.

 If the first step is to hydrate, the second step should be to choose the right bottle for your hydration since keeping the environment safe is just as important as staying hydrated.

Visit the Mountain Falls website to learn more about glass water bottles. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more updates.

About the Company:

Mountain Falls, a South African company, was founded in 2014. We are the top natural mineral water suppliers in South Africa for brands including Acquabox, Teardrop, ZEROPET, and Glass collections. We offer stylish, mineral-rich water bottles that make it easy for you to stay hydrated all the time. Our main motto is “We collect and recycle two more PET bottles for every one we sell.” We make a lot of effort to keep their PET footprint at zero and provide environmentally friendly items.

Address: Unit A6, Spearhead Park, Montague Drive, Montague Gardens, Cape Town, South Africa

Phone number: +27 (21) 205 1949

E-Mail: [email protected]

Website: https://www.mountainfalls.co.za/



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