Why Choose Fibroblast Treatment Over Surgery

Do you know that plasma treatment targets fibroblasts? These are protein-generating cells and collagen present in the dermis, the skin layer below your outermost skin layer. Fibroblasts play a crucial role in healing skin wounds and maintaining skin tightness and firmness.

Plasma fibroblast uses a pen-like device that discharges an electric current of high frequency to small skin areas. The tip of plasma does not touch the skin but instead releases a targeted current above the skin. The hot current makes micro-injuries or small holes inside the layer of the skin.

As per the PMFA journal published in 2019, the heat damage or thermal disruption from plasma fibroblast:

●    This leads to tissue tightening

●    Stimulates fibroblast activity

●    breaks down protein in the skin

●    Encourages tissue regeneration

How Does Fibroblast Plasma Work?

The fibroblast treatment provides great results by allowing the skin tissue to contract. The pen disrupts the skin, and it fibroblasts it. Same as skin treatments, the aim is to stimulate the release of collagen. When skin is subjected to a micro-trauma like this one, it starts to release necessary proteins and growth chemicals such as cytokines and fibroblasts. It leaves the skin with more collagen than it had before the micro-trauma.

The pen turns electrical energy into nitrogen and transmits it without properly touching the skin. Top skin layers get micro-trauma, and layers get heated up and disrupted with thermal conduction. Most individuals prefer this treatment for wrinkles around their lips, eyes, and neck.

Why do People Choose Fibroblast Plasma Instead Of Surgery?

Several individuals prefer this kind of cosmetic process over cosmetic surgeries for different reasons. Fibroblast treatment doesn’t involve any stitches or any skin cutting. You don’t have to take general anesthesia. It might not make your skin thin, and fibroblast treatment takes less money and time.

For How Long Will Your Skin Remain Tighter After The Procedure?

Results from the fibroblast pen before and after are permanent until the gravity hits you again, in comparison with other same skin tightening processes. As collagen production becomes quick, you might see your skin becoming tight. You might see your best between the 10th and 24th week after the process of treatment. After that, your skin might start making the same collagen quantity as it did before the fibroblast treatment. If you wish to extend these results, then you must stick to a healthy lifestyle. Also, you may carry out plasma pen treatment at home, and the process is pain-free without any side effects. So, due to these amazing facts, people choose plasma treatment over surgery.

Author bio: the author elaborates on plasma pen before and after fibroblast treatment. The author has all the necessary information related to fibroblast treatment and how it works best.

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