Why is Krishna Electric Vehicles a Popular e-rikshaw Dealer?

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With the rise in popularity, the country has seen immense growth in the transportation sector. The electric rickshaw is a revolutionary public transport vehicle, becoming the top choice among buyers and businesses.

This economical and efficient travel option is becoming one of the most prominent urban transport vehicles.

Even if we see the current market trends, the sales of e-rikshaws in India are expected to rise, according to data from a recent report. By 2025, it will rise from one million to four million units even before the government declared in 2030 that it would have an all-electric fleet.

So how do you choose the one if you are a bread-earner of your family eager to buy to meet your daily expenses?

You should look for the features that are good for you and your customers travelling on it. Most importantly, look for the prices. The electric riksha price in Naya Gaon is quite affordable at Krishna Electric Vehicles because they are the leading dealer of e-rikshaws in the Tricity and know what’s best for their customers.

Let’s learn more about their authenticity and better customer service.

Krishna Electric Vehicles: The Future of Eco-friendly and Efficient E-rikshaws

One of Chandigarh’s leading e-rikshaw dealers, Krishna Electric Vehicles, has emerged on top among other dealers because of the various reasons which we will discuss now. Founded in 2017, Krishna Electric Vehicles has many e-rickshaws at various genuine pricing ranges. The business also offers its clients assistance and after-sale services.

So what’s the secret behind their allure of popularity increasing daily? Let’s have a look at the following:

  • High Capacity Loading for Maximum Profits: These small yet efficient battery-powered cargo three-wheelers are leading a revolution of commodities displacing environmental responsibility. Krishna Electric Vehicles offers a variety of electric three-wheelers whose outstanding payload capacity makes them stand out. Because of its large loading capacity, enterprises can convey a considerable amount of goods in a single journey, which maximizes revenues and increases the demand for multiple deliveries.

  • Excellent Range and Quick Charging: One of the most important advantages of owning our electric three-wheelers is their fast charging capabilities and excellent range. Their exceptional range and fast recharge times make them your trustworthy logistical partners. Because they can cover large distances on a single charge and minimize downtime for recharging, they are an excellent option for businesses with time-sensitive delivery requirements.

  • Excellent Rikshaws at Affordable Prices: Krishna Electric Vehicles is dedicated to offering its clients premium e-rickshaws at affordable costs. The company offers a thorough guarantee on its e-rickshaws, constructed with sturdy materials and parts. The e rickshaw price in Mohali is quite nominal, which makes it simpler for clients to buy an e-rickshaw by providing a range of financing choices. You can buy one by simply paying a downpayment of 29999.

  • Outstanding Client Support: Krishna Electric Vehicles is renowned for providing top-notch customer support. Customers may contact the company’s qualified and experienced employees if they have any inquiries or problems. A range of post-purchase services, including upkeep and repairs, are also provided by Krishna Electric Vehicles. Customers can quickly and swiftly seek assistance with their e-rickshaws because of the company’s extensive network of service centres across Tricity.

  • Ecological Transportation: The electric three-wheelers by Krishna Vehicles align with the expanding need for environmentally friendly modes of transportation. They generate no emissions when in use, making them eco-friendly. Because of this, companies wishing to lessen their carbon impact, improve air quality, and ease traffic congestion may do so responsibly by choosing them.

  • Easy EMI Instalments: The best thing about purchasing an electric rikshaw from Krishna Vehicles is their easy-to-manage EMI instalments. They understand that paying a large amount at one go can be a hurdle for some customers as only some can afford it. So, they provide easy EMI instalments on the Mayuri Pro 500 to lower the cost of e-rickshaws. This implies that clients can buy the Mayuri Pro 500 and pay for it over time in affordable payments.

  • Exceptional Key Features: Another reason why Krishna Electric Vehicles is a preferred dealer for many people is because their rikshaw boasts a steel roof, a front glass with wiper, a hefty chassis, an FM with two speakers, a heavy curtain, and LED cabin lights. The E-rickshaws robust and resilient chassis guarantees its ability to endure damage. The steel roof and the front glass with wiper enhance passengers’ protection from the weather. Passengers can listen to music on the FM with a double speaker while travelling, and the thick curtain ensures privacy. Hence, all these characteristics make them one of the best dealers in Mohali.

  • Quality Assurance: A group of quality assurance experts at Krishna Electric Vehicles is also responsible for creating and carrying out quality assurance protocols. These engineers also strive to find and fix any potential quality problems. Krishna Electric Vehicles’ dedication to quality has aided in the growth of the business into a reputable manufacturer. The company is renowned for the high calibre, dependability, and longevity of its e-rickshaws. Clients rely on Krishna Electric Vehicles to deliver premium e-rickshaws that meet their expectations.


Now that you know about the outstanding offerings of this reputable dealer and how it can prove to be one of your best investments to earn money, it’s time to make this remarkable decision that can change your life. As one of the top dealers of e-rickshaws in Chandigarh, we go above and beyond to ensure that your investment is profitable. Connect with us right now—we’re only a click away!



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