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Health care services
Health care services

Coming across the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we all are redirected to a picture of a website having its place on the topmost position in the search result on Google. Hence, we define SEO as a technique that makes your website visible on the first few search results or precisely on the first page of Google’s search results.

Irrespective of the business you are in, to mark the online presence and reach a large number of audiences, you might have either developed a website or a social media page. Just because you have a dynamic website and an effective and eye-catching content on your website, your website doesn’t need to appear in, for example, the first 10 search results on Google. It would be best if you implemented several SEO techniques for this. So is the case with the healthcare business too.

SEO in Healthcare Business:

The need for implying the SEO techniques in the healthcare business has aroused due to the advancement in the services that have gone digital. Patients and their families are no longer dependent on the yellow pages directory to find out the address and phone number of the hospital or the medical center, nor do they rely on other people to get reviews.

They simply search it through Google and get all information like Address, Phone number, Location, Reviews, and ratings levied by previous patients, etc. If you have your website, and if proper SEO techniques have been implied, the website URL can be one of the topmost placed URLs in the search results.

Also, a layperson won’t be interested in more than 5 search results; none would go to the second page of the search results even! To make your healthcare business website visible to the user, the application of various SEO techniques is a must.

Several statistics show the importance of implying SEO services for healthcare business websites. Some of those areas listed below:

  • Almost 33% of the patients use mobile devices to research the doctor, make online appointments, ordering medicines online in case of the medical store, etc.

  • Most of the efficient doctors have started writing blogs on various awareness subjects to reach out to more patients.

  • More than 60% of people search for the remedy online if they find any unknown symptom in their case or their families.

Not taking a deep dive into the figures mentioned above, we can say that the people having knowledge of the internet and knowing how to extract information from the same would prefer an online check first before consulting a doctor physically.

Hence, if you own a healthcare business, it’s time to consult the companies providing healthcare SEO services.

Why is Healthcare SEO Services Important?

There are several benefits of using healthcare SEO strategy for your business, irrespective of whether you own a medical store or a doctor or a representative from the medical field. Let us list down a few of them:

  • Reach a large number of audiences through your website:
  • As discussed earlier, no matter how dynamic or useful your website content is, if the website is placed on the third or fourth page of the search result, it becomes impossible to get a significant figure for the targeted audience. Hence, you need healthcare SEO services to mark your online presence.

  • Attract genuine users:
  • If your website or social media page has been SEO optimized, it would appear in the top results, as mentioned above. This ensures that the users who visit your site are looking for some medical stuff and have opened the URL of your site to get more information.

  • A boon for smartphone users:
  • People search on Google through their mobile devices or smartphones most of the time as it becomes a bit less feasible to open a desktop or laptop every time to search for information on Google. Hence, listing your website in the topmost position immediately catches the user’s eye as a very few results are being displayed on a mobile screen compared to desktops or laptops.

  • Search for the closest medical center:
  • The medical SEO services are useful for the users to get the nearest hospital or medical center’s location as people tend to opt for the nearest hospital to get the treatment of their problems done or to buy medicines. Hence, if I search hospitals near me, it is quite possible that some of the hospitals that have a good rapport may not appear in the search results as they didn’t have the SEO strategies implemented.

  • Competitors are already using SEO optimization:
  • To survive in the market, even if you are a doctor by profession, you need to reach out to your audience. In this scenario, if your competitors have optimized their website through applying SEO techniques, it is time that you approach a healthcare SEO agency and hire medical SEO experts for your website.

  • Optimization of all web pages:
  • To get your website on the topmost position, optimizing only the website’s home page will just show the results of the home page for the keywords you have set in the backend. To make the content of all other pages visible when searched about it, you need to go for SEO techniques in all the website’s web pages. Various healthcare SEO companies are already working on this.

  • Analyzing the website on a regular basis:
  • Once the SEO optimization is implemented on your website, the SEO professionals keep an eye on the traffic and ranking on the website and prepare reports for the same for reference while planning certain strategies for maintaining the rank and traffic both.


From the above discussion, we can conclude that implementing SEO techniques on your medical website won’t take a long thought process like that of Einstein. All you need to do is to consult a medical SEO expert to get your website on the top ranks of Google search results, hence boosting up the number of patients reached daily.



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