Benefits Of Custom Outdoor Signs For Your Business

Customized outdoor signs in Chicago IL
Customized outdoor signs in Chicago IL

Whether a brick-and-mortar store on the main street, a professional firm or an enterprise-level business – every business is scrambling for the best advertising space they can find. As one of America’s largest cities, Chicago is a dynamic marketplace. Shoppers have a lot demanding their attention, and they’ll remember a business as long as the business is branding itself properly.

Don’t want to be remembered as “Didn’t the XYZ business used to be there?” Invest proactively in customized outdoor signs. In this article, we look at how exterior business signs help all types of businesses reach a bigger audience, establish a strong local presence, and generate leads.

Think outdoor advertising declined significantly because of COVID-19? Out of home spending on advertising signage totaled $4.6 billion in the first three quarters of 2020 alone!

Benefits of exterior business signs

Exterior signage plays a crucial role regardless of the size of the business. From the smallest of brick-and-mortar stores to a global tech giant – all rely on exterior signs for their outreach.

1. Identify your establishment

The most basic purpose of building signs is identifying the business. They act as address plates and tell customers where you are. It’s why owners are always on the lookout for more prominent signage that will make them easier to locate.

2. Build brand awareness

If a business has a strong brand value of its own, it needs signs to project its brand. Smaller businesses rely on customized signs to build brand awareness. It’s why you will often see the longest queues outside stores and eateries that have interesting signage.

According to the Out of Home Advertising Association of America, the list of top 10 spenders on outdoor signs in 2020 includes McDonald’s, Apple, Allstate, HBO, MillerCoors, Amazon, and Cracker Barrel.

3. Become a local landmark

Personalized signs are essential to becoming a local landmark. Building signs and monument signs, in particular, are great ways to make the business a ‘landmark’ in the community. A recognizable sign makes small things like “Let’s meet by the XYZ store…” possible. This is essential for building top of mind recall.

4. Top of mind recall

The holy grail of marketing – top of mind recall. It means a business is associated with its industry. When people think of resolving a need, they think first of that particular business. Unique exterior business signs will make the business more memorable, eventually earning it top billing.

5. Generating leads

Great exterior signs build confidence and improve the chances of prospective customers choosing the business. Especially around the busy shopping season, attractive signs can drive impulse purchases. Couple that with a more memorable presence and signs can have a real positive impact on the bottom line.

Chicago Sign Company works with business owners across the city for all types of outdoor signage. We design custom storefront signs, building signage, channel letters, vinyl banners, and more. Speak to a representative today.



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