Camping Expert Review: Choosing Between Dometic CFX3 and Engel MT-V Portable Camping Fridge

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September 2020, Australia: My Generator is a prominent supplier of RV equipment and power generators in Australia. They offer a wide range of portable fridge brandscaravan generators, and other appliances & accessories. The company is giving an expert review by the on how to choose between the Dometic CFX3 range and the Engel MT-V range:

When you want to purchase a camping fridge, you have to think of various factors such as the purpose of usage, budget constraints, etc. The other factor that you look at is brand. Dometic & Engel are amongst top brands in this category. There are two main types of fridges that you will come across when you set out for purchasing. They are the new Dometic CFX3 and Engel MT-V Fridges.

Innovation and technology have been the strengths of Dometic over the years and Engel fridges are known for their durability of portable fridges. When it comes to capacity, Dometic’s CFX3 range comprises of single-zone and dual-zone models with sizes 36-94 litres. Whereas, Engel fridges include combi models with sizes from 32-80 litres.

In Dometic CFX3, have two independently temperature-controlled zones. This means you can set one as a fridge and the other as a freezer or both as freezers or fridges as per your requirement. Whereas Engel fridges have only one temperature control. The cold air flows from the main compartment into the other. That means Engel fridges are normal fridges without convertible feature.

If we talk about the build quality of these Fridges, Dometic uses polypropylene and Engel uses metal. As Engel fridges are made from metal, they are heavier than Dometic models. Dometic CFX3 models contain a WAECO compressor. Every model encompasses the latest Variable Motor Speed Optimization ‘VMSO3’ compressor that enables speed alteration. The VMSO3 compressor is combined with active gasket technology to hold cool air and ensure less power-consumption. Engel fridges comprise the Sawafuji Swing Motor with one moving part, which makes them long-lasting.

Other features include Dometic’s Bluetooth/Wi-Fi enabled models, USB ports, and a smartphone app to use the fridge. The CFX355IM model has a fitted ice maker, a world first in camping fridges. Meanwhile, Engel fridges consist of a switch for the interior LED light, lockable door latch and solid reinforced baskets. Both the fridge ranges have 5-year warranties with national service agent support. Engel is a little expensive when compared for value addition, such as a cover or icebox that comes free with the fridge.

My Generator suggests that if one prefers a high-technology fridge, they must choose Dometic. If a more durable fridge is required, one must go for Engel.

To know more about My Generator and their products, visit their website or mail them at [email protected].

About the Company:

My Generator is Australia’s premium online retailer for portable power products. They provide the largest range of high-quality power products for 3 main market segments: Firstly, they offer market-leading products in the Recreational Vehicle (RV) sector, being appliances for Caravans / Motorhome’s, Camper Trailers, Boats & 4WDs. This RV equipment includes caravan fridges, camping fridges, caravan air-conditioners, and many other products for RV’s. In this segment, they also provide an extensive range of portable power solutions to run RV’s such as batteries, generators and associated 12v accessories. The next main segment is Generators to suit every application and budget – from small camping generators through to large prime power / industrial backup generators, and everything in between, including; inverter generators, worksite portable generators, domestic backup generators, or large stationary diesel generators. Rounding out the offering is premium power equipment products such as pressure washers, water pumps, concreting & compaction equipment, ground-care equipment & tools, as well as off-grid solar appliances.



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