Enclosed Auto Transport Vs Open Car Transport – Which One Should You Choose?

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Are you are looking forward to a professional auto transport company? If yes, then let us tell you about two options – Open Car Transport and enclosed auto transport.

In open car transport, your car is shipped on a trailer without any walls, ceiling, or solid floor. This is mostly recommended for long or two-tiered vehicles and can easily accommodate 10 cars (depending on their size and weight). They are an affordable option for car shipping and can easily fit more cars than enclosed trailers.

Benefits of open car transport

  • Economical option for car shipping
  • Can carry more vehicles (10 to 12 cars) at the same time; saves you time & money
  • Open car transports are common and more prevalent than enclosed ones.

Enclosed Auto Transport, or enclosed car shipping, is shipped on an enclosed trailer i.e., completely protected with solid walls, ceiling, and floor. The purpose of enclosed car transport is to provide all-around protection and is highly recommended for transporting premium cars. Enclosed car transport can be costlier than open trailers but it is extremely worth it.

The benefits of enclosed auto transport are:

  • Offer robust protection against external threats
  • More security and privacy
  • The best choice for expensive, premium cars

Which one should you choose?

The choice between Enclosed Auto Transport and Open Car Transport all comes down to your transportation needs.

The key differentiation is that open car transport can carry more cars than enclosed transportation. Thus, eliminating the need for an additional round, making the entire shipping process convenient and time-saving.

Moreover, open auto transports are considerably lightweight, which gives them an extra advantage in terms of speed & mileage. This significantly reduces the cost of your delivery.

Enclosed Auto Transport, even though it cannot carry dozens of vehicles at the same time, has proven highly useful for the shipment of premium, luxurious cars. The enclosed car provides protection against scraping, scratching, or denting. Thus, ensuring all-around safety in the truck. Additionally, enclosed auto transport eliminated the risk involved with angled loading ramps.

Enclosed containers are purposely designed to ensure safe movement from one location to another. The high level of safety you get With Enclosed Auto Transport is unbeatable. Its popularity is growing immensely and has many advantages over open car shipping.

Why Choose United Freeway Transportation?

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