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Limited company contractors typically take a very minimum amount of salary or you can say minimizing PAYE and NIC liabilities where, you can withdraw the remainder of their income in the form of dividends and personal liability as a director will be limited, if things will go wrong.

Benefits of a limited company: –

  • In limited companies’ personal liability of directors is limited, that means director’s personal assets are different from the assets in the business. This is the main benefit of having limited company.
  • In limited companies all things are equal, this is the most tax-efficient way to handle a business.
  • Unlike previously salaried employees, limited companies have shareholders and shareholders can draw their income in the form of dividends.
  • People can split shares easily like between spouses, and dividend declarations are time taken and get income each year’s tax-free allowances. Tax planning options are outstanding.
  • Director can create different classes of share if needed. It can helpful in tax-planning reasons.
  • Company directors have full control over their businesses.
  • Limited company director should give a professional image, and able explore a wide range of other business opportunities in the future for growth.

Umbrella company contractors are working on temporary basis in the organisations, they make the invoice to the client or agency on the contractor’s behalf and company before paying the contractor billed amount minus PAYE costs, like income tax and national insurance contributions. Advantages of umbrella are: can avoid obstacles and hassle of running a limited company. There will be no need of software’s, VAT returns, company accounts, VAT, taxation, etc.

You will get all resources without any hassle, Umbrella Company that provides umbrella employment for the contractors and freelancers.

Limited Company Umbrella take care of clint’s income tax and national insurance responsibilities; so, you can concentrate on your other tasks. Contractors have full access of benefits given to permanent employees like public holidays, sick and maternity & other facilities.

Benefits that an umbrella contractor can expect including here:

  • All rights like legal, employment, tax and other contractual obligations taken care of.
  • Expect more earning as compared to permanent employment.
  • They can claim all legitimate business costs and expenses done.
  • Need to give less time and effort for administration work as compared to a company director.
  • They get paid very quickly, accurately, on time.
  • They can access all benefits from employment rights and professional indemnity and public liability insurances etc.


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