How to Write SQL Statements in Amazon Redshift

SQL is a language that has commands you can use to manipulate and create database objects, load tables, modify data in the tables, and run queries. Writing SQL statements in Amazon Redshift can be a complex and time-consuming, and it requires some level of knowledge and expertise. But if you want to take it easy, you might want to consider using a SQL workbench for Redshift that can connect, load data, create tables, manage databases, build SQL queries, and visualize data.

Amazon Redshift is a MPP (massive parallel processing) data-warehousing database that is built on PostgreSQL based technology. It provides a petabyte-scale data warehouse service that is fully managed in the cloud. By using a web-based SQL workbench for Redshift, you get a complete business intelligence and database management platform that lets you do essential tasks (i.e., writing SQL statements) with just a few clicks. It is intuitive and provides a collaborative solution for all users to access and share visualizations and queries from a browser window.

Here are some steps to writing SQL statements in Amazon Redshift using the SQL workbench:

•Using a JDBC driver, connect to the Redshift database – Make Redshift Instance, build a new data source in the SQL workbench for Redshift, and connect.

•Use the Redshift SQL query builder – Drag and drop tables to create an interactive query. The workbench offers live SQL data and query preview.

•Build dashboards and charts – Using the online SQL client, run SQL queries and create charts and live data dashboards to obtain business insights.

•Collaborate – The workbench comes with a scheduler for jobs to run reports and import data at regular intervals. Results can be received by email or saved to a local disk or directly to S3.

•Make Ad-hoc reports – It only takes a few clicks to create ad-hoc SQL data reports and export them in CSV, Excel, or PDF format.

You can get a SQL workbench for Redshift with flexible deployment options, such as on-premise or in the AWS cloud. If you’re not sure how it will work for you, consider signing up for a free trial to learn more about it.

About the Author:

This article is written by Manish Shah, the CEO of Datasparc Inc. Datasparc offers data security, database management, data governance and data analytics; all in one solution. They offer DBHawk™, a web based SQL tool & database reporting software designed for Oracle, SQL Server and other databases.

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Written by Manish Shah

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