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You may already know that practice makes perfect and that it applies to most activities that you want to master, including SQL. But if you want to practice more conveniently, you might want to consider a MySQL online editor that you can access from a web browser. That way, you can have an alternative to phpMyAdmin with an intuitive user interface and capabilities like SQL dashboarding, ad-hoc SQL reporting, and job scheduling. It comes with features that are essential to MySQL developers, too, such as a visual query builder that lets them drag and drop database tables, build an SQL server database, or build SQL queries.

Practice SQL with ease

By using the MySQL online editor, you can practice mySQL securely and with the simplicity of point and click actions. It may even simplify the way you build queries and schedule reports. The platform comes with an online data browser that lets you view, edit, update, delete, and insert database table data, and duplicate row and update values. The data browser comes with a blob data viewer and a text data viewer, so you can visually view the data with one click.

Do more with the MySQL GUI tool

The intuitive user interface of the online editor lets you update and insert binary data. You also get an advanced online data filter for filtering view and table data and apply specific conditions in just a few clicks. Export table data, view data, and SQL query results data into PDF, Excel, CSV, or HTML formats, and save exported data to Amazon S3 or to a local disk. Some platforms come with an import CSV feature that lets you import CSV data into the database tables.

Online table and view managers

The MySQL online editor simplifies the creation of new tables and renaming or dropping a table. You may use it to count total rows, change the table engine, and view column details. From the web browser, you can create new view, drop a view, rename a view, modify or count the total rows, and filter view data. You also get an online trigger, index, column, and constraint manager in a single platform.

About the Author:This article is written by Manish Shah, the CEO of Datasparc Inc. Datasparc offers data security, database management, data governance and data analytics; all in one solution. They offer DBHawk™, a web based SQL tool & database reporting software designed for Oracle, SQL Server and other databases.

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Written by Manish Shah

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