IGMeet Tips to making ESO Gold: Stealing, Crafting Writs and Farming Chests


Making gold in Elder Scrolls Online is a must if you want to access the more interesting parts of the game. Making Elder Scrolls Online Gold can be a bit daunting task, especially for newer players. In this article, we will explain several effective, yet simple methods of making a steady amount of income while playing through the game’s story and multiplayer content

Farm for xp and gold

You can either farm for gold and xp or play the game. The best way to farm for xp and gold is to do dolmens in a zone with popular gear with an xp scroll active. Dolmen farming is easier now with the map indicator for active dolmens. Dolmen chests usually have rings. You can sell them or decon them for mats. Doing public dungeons is similar to this, but they can also be quite busy. It’s a choice.

If you want to just farm, do the starter islands and sell stacks of raw mats and hope you get a few kutas. Pick all the flowers and mushrooms as stacks of those can sell for a lot. Bugloss, corn flowers and columbine go for 250, 900, and 750 each respectively, times 200 and that’s a hell of a payday. You’ll earn more but you’re not playing and you’re not earning much xp.

Make sure you have all those passives in the crafting skill line for quick gathering, multiples and treasure hunter.

Personally, I prefer to just play the game, but sometimes an hour of farming can be relaxing and profitable. The xp grind from 350 to about 600 cp burned me out. I did it again from 700 to 800. Mostly dolmens. Since then, I just played the game. Playing the game is better.

Dungeon Farming

Running dungeons is a nice way of making gold, as you get XP and other things from it as well. Here are good dungeons to run for gold: Any Veteran Dungeon, The Vile Manse in Reaper’s March, Crimson Cove in Malabar Tor, Razak’s Wheel in Bangkorai, MOTIF FARMING FOR GOLD. Some Motifs are very valuable and can be farmed for gold. Find out which Motifs are selling and which ones that you can actually farm.

Crafting Writs

Crafting writs can be a reliable and financially rewarding method of earning gold. After being certified, you can pick up crafting writs once per day from writ boards located in various cities. Writs require you to craft items such as gear pieces or potions, depending on the type of writ you have. Once completed, you can turn in the writs for reward coffers containing crafting materials, upgrade materials, master writs, surveys, and gold. Higher-level crafting skill lines increase the chances of receiving valuable drops from writs, such as gold upgrade materials. Surveys provide special maps directing you to clusters of nodes containing more materials than usual. Regularly crafting writs can be a solid source of income, especially for new players.

Farming Mobs

There are a lot of locations in ESO that are densely populated with hostile mobs. Besides being an excellent means to farm experience, if you can kill a whole bunch of adds in a relatively short amount of time, the gold that you can earn from doing so can be pretty reasonable.

People often prefer killing a whole bunch of mobs in public dungeons. Here are some reasons for considering farming public dungeons for gold in ESO:

Adds in public dungeons reward you with more gold upon being defeated and looted

Adds in public dungeons respawn very quickly

When running around a public dungeon, you can hit the public dungeon world bosses for additional loot – a piece of gear that is specific to the zone!

There are a lot of leads that are acquirable by means of defeating adds in public dungeons. If you are interested in antiquities at all, you’ll likely have to farm mobs in public dungeons anyways

Farming Chests

Opening chests is a great way to get jewelry from areas without Dark Anchors or other similar World events. Valuable rings and necklaces from sets like Briarheart or Bright-Throat’s Boast can be found like this.

Fortune’s Favor and Treasure Hunter stars within the Craft constellation can help you make even more gold with this method. The Keen Eye: Treasure Chests passive from Excavation line is also helpful because it allows you to spot chests faster.


Stealing in ESO is not only fun to do but also one of the best ways to find valuable Motifs and Blueprints. Your real profit from stealing comes from the stolen items you fence but also from the items you launder and sell later for gold. Sell only the most valuable items to a Fence for a better profit. Visiting newer zones is better for making Gold. To be truly effective you will have to invest time and advance a few skill lines, like Thieves Guild, Legerdemain and Vampire.

The use of a dedicated Thief character will help you make a lot more gold from stealing. If you are interesting in playing as a Thief in ESO you can take a look at my Cloak and Dagger Thief Build.

Generally, to make a decent amount of money in ESO, you need to have time, the required skills, startup capital, and even some knowledge about the game’s market. If you are a new player with limited gold-making options, buying ESO gold and items online is a good idea. IGMeet is a professional seller selling MMO currency. Click https://www.igmeet.com/Eso-Gold to Buy ESO Gold with cheap price



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