International Shipping to Senegal Regional Passport Review

Passport Application Review
Passport Application Review

Senegal is located in West Africa, bordering four other African countries and the North Atlantic Ocean. With a population of approximately 14 million, Senegal is densely populated with many ethnicities and cultures. The climate of the region is mainly tropical, with alternating rainy and dry seasons. If you are returning to Senegal after being away for a while, or are interested in shipping to the westernmost country in Eurasia, there are a few customs and regulations you should know about Senegal.

Important documents before sending to Senegal

Before traveling and shipping to Senegal, you will need to obtain certain documents in order for your household items to clear customs. These forms must be submitted by post 15 days before your shipment is expected to arrive. This is required for the employer of the shipper to apply for a possible tax exemption certificate. These are the documents that should be sent before your shipment arrives:

  1. Copy of valid passport
  2. Change of residence permit/moving permit
  3. All purchases within the past 6 months require a new electrical and hi-fi equipment contract and invoice.
  4. Proof of non-sale (a statement of honor that the customer will not sell their household items upon arrival in Senegal).

Certificate of Insurance

Keeping your paperwork secure and making Regional Passport Review sure you have all the correct documents is an important part of international shipping to Senegal.

Customs regulations for international shipping to Senegal

Once the documents are mailed, it is important to be aware of the proper customs control protocols in Senegal. While this list is not comprehensive, it does contain some of the main regulations for sending to Senegal, including the following:

Used household items are exempt if they are owned by the owner and used for at least 6 months. Note that they should look “used” (no new packaging).

Customs officials in Senegal will only allow one refrigerator, oven, freezer, computer, TV, and VCR per shipper (and household). If you need to ship other items, you will be charged tax.

Satellite dishes are considered luxury items and are taxed by customs.

Only allow one month’s worth of washing products or soaps.

Whenever you ship to Senegal, you should also know that most removals are opened and inspected by customs. It is also important to note that Senegal strictly prohibits the transport of any illegal drugs. Alcohol is acceptable and tax-free if you ship less than 30 bottles. For all firearms and ammunition, Senegal requires that you submit a license to the regional administration for review and possible approval.

Car Shipping to Senegal

If you are interested in sending a motor vehicle to Senegal, you will need to provide specific documents. You should also follow the custom rules, including submitting your original registration card. Some of the documents you will need to send a vehicle to Senegal include:

Proof of non-sale (shipper states that he will not sell his car for the next 2 years)

Change of residence permit/transfer letter

photocopy of passport

Closed car

Certificate of Insurance

All the above documents and certificates are required to ship the vehicle to Senegal. Your international shipments to this country will be fairly straightforward as long as you follow certain guidelines and protocols. Also, working with an experienced and reliable trucking company can make a huge difference. It is especially helpful to choose a shipping company that has experience shipping to Senegal and other parts of the world.


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