Looking For Free Covid-19 Testing Service in the USA

 In today’s date, it is very important that you take a Covid-19 diagnosis test to know if you are exposed to the virus or not. Takinga Covid-19 test is mandatory while traveling. If you are looking for free Covid-19 testing,then you should look into the local government hospitals or Covid-19cares since many government organizations and public-funded healthcare systems such as US Healthcare System provide free testing services.

For most people, the Covid-19 test is no longer free of cost. But, many people are still eligible for free Covid-19 diagnosis testing from the US Healthcare System. Let’s see who is eligible to get a free Covid-19 test.

Areyou eligible for a free Covid-19 test from the US Healthcare System?

  • You can get a free test if you have a health condition and are showing the symptoms of the Covid-19 virus: high fever, difficulty inbreathing, cough and cold.

  • You are eligible for a free test if you are admitted to a hospital.

  • You can take a free test if you are a member of adult social care or apart of the US Healthcare System.

What are the types of Covid-19 tests?

  • RT-PCRtest:

RT-PCRtest uses a lab technique called reverse transcription polymerasechain reaction (RT-PCR) to detect the genetic material of theCOvid-19 virus. If you need to travel in an emergency, then you canget the best PCR test for travelfromyour nearby health care center. This test uses the fluid inside yournostrils with the help of a long nasal swab. The results of theRT-PCR Covid-19 test are very accurate if done properly.

  • Antigentest:

Antigentest is done by detecting a certain protein in the Covid-19 virus. In this test, a long nasal swab is used to extract the nasal fluid forthe test. This test is very fast; some antigen tests can even producethe results in only a few minutes. Antigen tests for Covid-19 areconsidered to be less accurate than RT-PCR tests, but they canproduce accurate results if the instructions to use the kit arefollowed properly.

Therefore,when you are looking for free Covid-19 testing, make sure you are eligible for that. Apart from that, you need to make sure about the type of covid-19 test that you want to take for your travel purpose. Likely, this can ensure you have a safe and secure journey.



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