Know Characteristics of a Pug before Welcoming to Your Home

Pugs are widely renowned for their squishy faces and their charming characteristics. They are naughty in character but beloved by everyone in the family. This breed of dog is simply ideal for laid-back homes.

Pugs always look for companionship and they always remain happy when they are near their owner. Being an ideal house dog, pugs are stable in their temperament and truly loving temperament. However, as an owner, you’ll need a quality space as they shed freely. They are playful but not needing lots of activity, pugs are happy to do whatever their owner ask to do, whether that be walking around the house or watching a movie. Very smart, and at times wilful, pugs are absolutely happy and adorable pups thatare delighted and affectionate pups that remain very loyal to their owners.

Characteristics of a Pug


As far as appearance of a pug dog is concerned, it’s in square frame and weighing in at 14-18 pounds. Generally pugs come in two standard colors with a few tonal variations: fawn with a black mask or all black. Their heads are large and feature their signature short, flat, black muzzle covered with deep wrinkles.


As far as temperament of a pug dog is concerned, they love to sit by owner’s side. They love to snuggle on your lap and not at all afraid to hop right into bed with you. They wheeze, snort and snore and remain quite unhappy if you fail in properly showering them with care and affection. Also they do not want to stay alone for long period of time. It will be foolish to expect hunt, guard or retrieval from pugs as they have nothing to do with such activities.A funny small pug does not hesitate in finding their own ways of entertainment.

Living Needs

If you have kids in your house, it’s worthy enough to buy small pugs because kids love pugs and pugs love kids. The toy breed pugs are quite tougher than other similar-sized pups are best for your kids’ playtime. Pugs are cute open to getting along with anyoneincluding other dogs, cats, rabbits, and other animals.


Since pugs love to eat, being an owner you need to well manage their intake-limit and stop feeding them excessively. Being pug owner, it’s your duty to encourage them exercise. This will also help them to remain creative and burn calories on their own.


Pugs can face some health issues like snoring, back problems, epilepsy, allergies, hemi- vertebrae, hip dysplasia, patellar luxation and nerve degeneration with growing age. Also a variety of skin conditions may affect pugs like yeast infections, staph infections or more.

So, whether you are planning to welcome a new pet in your home or lovebirds show, find all the available options and ultimately make a wise decision.

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