New Job? How To Get A Mortgage

how to get a mortgage with a new job
how to get a mortgage with a new job

Your financial life will be under a microscope when you apply for a mortgage to buy a home or refinance an existing mortgage. One item that can cause some issues, and possibly prevent you from getting a mortgage, is a change in jobs.

All job changes are not bad. There are a few scenarios where a job change is a good thing. These scenarios usually do not cause too much trouble, as long as there are good explanations and supporting documentation to explain the change.

However, some job changes are simply too risky for a mortgage lender to consider. These types of job moves will stop a mortgage application on its track.

Understanding which career move is right, and which ones are considered risky, can help you as you consider a job offer in the overall context of how it will affect your future ability to get a mortgage loan.

Learn the job changes that are accepted and which ones are not when getting a mortgage.

how to get a mortgage with a new job 1



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