Osho Leela Quantum Light Breath Work and Trauma Release Therapy


Boulder: If you are in search of a mind awakening session for internal peace and to develop some spirituality in yourself, then join the special program organized by OshoLeela Meditation Center on Quantum Light Breath work and Trauma Release.

Osho Leela offers a special Quantum Light Breath Work and Trauma release session.  The Quantum Light Breath therapy will clean out all the impurities and toxins from the body in all the various aspects, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. The QLB is a meditation session. It has been designed in a way to cut through the mind without dealing directly with it.

With the help of this, you can learn how to access the deeper states of consciousness and release the Trauma using effective breath work sessions. When you’ll practice the Quantum Light Breath it is essential to accept that only current exists, there is no past, this moment is real and nobody has seen the future so do not think about that.

We all carry memories for lifelong as a remembrance of the past, both good and bad memories are there. However, if those memories are harming and causing trouble then it is important to believe in them. If you will not believe in it, your imaginary fantasy will trouble you a lot. The QLB will make you realize that it is not real or in present once you start believing in this. So, you must practice this regularly to be able to separate your genuine problems from imaginary ones.

The main purpose of the Quantum Light Breath is to help you learn how to deal with situations and once you’ll understand the artificiality of the mind, you will gradually become the master of it instead of being its slave. Remember one thing; you are cleaning yourself to become cleaner, lighter, healthier, and intelligent.

You can also be a part of this session. For enquiries, click on the given link https://www.osholeela.org/.


About Osholeela Meditation Center:

OshoLeela Meditation Center offers daily meditations, group processes, personal growth workshops, dance, and celebrations. We are located at the focot of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder, Colorado and are easily accessible from Boulder, Denver, Longmont, and the Front Range communities.

Please reach out to explore and get more information. Visit: https://www.osholeela.org/.


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