Types Of Urinal Products For Business And Their Benefits

Have you considered what kind of impression your restrooms are creating for your business? The cleanliness of your restrooms is paramount. Among customers, guests, and employees, you can help make a positive impression with clean, sanitary facilities.

Urinal screens and mats are two items that can help. They offer many benefits to businesses and can contribute to a positive experience.

How Will Business Urinal Products Help Your Business?

Urinal products are an important facility management product for many businesses. However, in locations with high traffic, they are even more essential to help keep restrooms clean. This includes restaurants, hotels, and many more businesses.

Below are some of the ways these products will help your business:

Keep Floors Clean

Urinal mats can help to absorb liquid and keep your restroom floors clean and dry. This can also prevent slips and falls caused by wet floors.

Prevent Odours

Urinal screens can help reduce splashback in your restroom. Without this splash on your floors and walls, you can reduce odours and make your facilities more pleasant to use. Some products also contain fragrances that offer fresh, lasting scents.

Protect Flooring

Urinal mats offer a barrier between liquid and your floors. They absorb moisture that would otherwise cause damage to floors and tiles. They can also offer protection from foot traffic over time.

Improve Drainage

Urinal screens act as a net that can catch debris in the urinal. You can help improve drainage in your facility and reduce blockages with screens in place.

Make a Positive Impression

People in your business may be using the restrooms several times each day. You can help improve their experience and their perception of your company with urinal products in the restrooms. A clean, tidy, and odour-free facility shows you care about your business and the experience of your customers, guests, and employees.

Contact City Clean for Business Urinal Products

City Clean, located in Mississauga, ON, can help your business keep restrooms at their best.

Our team will work with you to develop a proactive approach to keeping your facilities clean and fresh. We offer a range of facility management products and services to keep your business safe and sanitary for everyone. This includes many types of commercial mats, along with hand towels, toilet tissue, soap, and more. No matter your industry, we can work together to create solutions for your business environment.

Contact the City Clean team in Mississauga, ON, for more information about business urinal products.

Source: https://www.cityclean.ca/types-urinal-products-business-benefits/



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