What about old furniture? Sell, donate, or renovate?

Used furniture buyers in Dubai

Have you decided to get rid of your old furniture, but don’t know where to put it? Even worn-out furniture can find its use, you can even sell it or donate it to a good cause. 

With the old furniture that is not functional

If you have assessed that the furniture you want to throw away is not suitable for further use, you should get rid of it in the right way. To those who consider it the right way to burn it in the garden or throw it outside the village to the stream, we will tell you that it is not the right way. The furniture you don’t need can be used by someone else, so you must sell it to Used Furniture Buyers in Dubai.

Importance of collection yard

Each municipality in which collection yard services are not available for citizens must also, at least twice a year, ensure the collection of oversized waste or add inquiries directly at the municipal office. In the first case, the collection usually takes place in such a way that you place the furniture in front of your gate on the specified date and the company that will collect it will take care of the rest. However, to be sure, large-capacity container

How to separate old furniture

Separation of old furniture is advantageous for those who do not have a way to take it to a collection yard or bazaar or feel responsible for the environment. Furniture can be made of different materials. The most commonly used ones include wood, various types of metals, plastic, leatherette, leather, and textiles. The only way to separate furniture is to disassemble it, sort the individual parts, and then throw them into the appropriate container for sorting waste. You can dismantle furniture without fear on your property or even in your apartment. It is not a dangerous waste.

  • Leather or rubberized fabrics do not decompose in compost and are not separable. Therefore, throw them in the mixed waste.
  • Industrially produced textiles are partly recyclable, but you won’t find these containers normally here. SK-Tex is the largest company in Slovakia that recycles textile waste and uses it to manufacture car equipment, insulation, or, paradoxically, textile furniture. However, this company does not buy or collect textiles directly. You must therefore inquire at the relevant city or municipal office about whether there is a dedicated container or collection point for textiles in your area.
  • You can sell Metal in the collection resources and earn a few cents. The second option is to throw it away in a container intended for metal and metal packaging.
  • Plastic parts belong in the plastic container. Indeed, some plastics from furniture are not recyclable. However, you don’t have to worry too much about it. When you throw inappropriate material into the plastic container, it will be removed from it before processing. It is certainly a better option than throwing plastic in mixed waste or the forest.
  • Wood, natural leather, and textiles can be composted. However, since they can be impregnated with various chemicals, it is better to start a separate compost that will not be used to fertilize the garden, but only as a place to put less waste in your garbage can. For those who fear that little bit of chemistry, don’t worry, nature can handle it.

Removal of old furniture – how to do it

When throwing away Used furniture and Appliances, its removal is probably the biggest problem. If you have a trailer or roof rack, you can help yourself. However, if you don’t have one, you will have to arrange transportation through a moving company or rent a van. The price of these services mainly depends on the number of kilometers that need to be driven with your furniture. Therefore, try to throw it away, sell it, or donate it to places that are not too far from your home.

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