Why choose a good water softener for shower?

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Living in a home with hard water can be an expensive investment. The indirect costs of the same may not be felt immediately yet the same can take a toll on your overall well-being and health.

When water flows through the pipes, it leaves dissolved minerals and other impurities in its wake. When combined with heat, it causes buildup of scale and prolonged exposure to these can cause extensive damage to your pipes, appliances, etc.

By choosing the best quality water softener for showerthese issues can be eliminated. It helps to control the minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Do you need a water softener for shower?

Choosing the best water softener for shower is important as it helps to treat hard water. It removes the calcium and magnesium present in the water using an ion-exchange process.

These impurities are also captured by resin inside the system that replaces these for sodium and potassium ions.

Achieving effective hard water treatment can be a lifesaver as it reduces the overall impact of the hard water on your home and health.

With quality products, it is easy to remove mineral ions and other contaminants like lead, mercury, bacteria, etc.

Signs that you need a hard water filter for shower 

One of the prominent signs that you need a good hard water filter for shower is that your faucets have developed a scaly buildup or lime scale.

If a good water softener for shower is not brought in then the same can impact your skin and its health in the following way –

  • Dry and flaky skin

One of the biggest effects of the same is that the skin turns flaky and dry. A healthy skin is smooth and even which acts as a natural barrier against infections and irritants.

However, if the skin is dry due to hard water, then the skin turns dry, flaky and dull throughout the year. This is because the hard water and residues combine with the soap and disrupts the lipid barriers.

This increases irritation on the skin, leaving the same parched, dry and irritated.

  • Increases chances of eczema

This is a skin condition that can affect your overall appearance along with the appearance of issues like scaled lesions, rashes, etc. This indicates a heightened immune system response which can cause discomfort and problems in the long-run. Thus, eczema can be a sign of hard water as the ions in the same interact with protein filaggrin. This causes damage to the existing lipid barriers.

  • Acne breakouts

Common symptoms of the hard water can be breakouts and blemishes.

Oils are naturally present in the skin that help to remove dead skin cells and keep problems at bay.

However, with impurities in the hard water, the oil production is hampered. The trapped oils cause an immune system response and cause a waxy layer to appear on the skin.

  • Ageing skin

Signs of hard water related issues can quickly take a toll on your youthful appearance. You may appear aged prematurely as the skin loses its ability to repair and rejuvenate.

To worsen the issue, calcium and magnesium ions causes enlarged pores and free radical damage. It also leads to elastin and collagen problems which impact the elasticity and collagen.

  • Hair problems

Hard water contains excessive impurities that can mix with hair products to create a salt. The salt then leaves a residue on the scalp and hairs which blocks the natural moisturizers from acting on the skin.

Minus a good water softener for shower, the hairs may get dry and tangled, leading to breakouts. If the hair breakage is unchecked, then it can cause hair thinning as-

  • The calcium ions prevent natural moisturizers to repair the skin
  • Minerals deposits on the skin makes hair brittle
  • These also make conditioners ineffective
  • These can block the pores on the scalp
  • Makes hair frizzy and flat which means seeking expensive medical treatments
  • The deposits attract bacteria and yeast infections



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