5 Tips To Design Eye Catching Window Graphics


Window graphics and vinyl window decals are useful signs to help get people in your door. However, to do that, they need to catch people’s attention first. And whether a window graphic stands outcomes down to its design. The great designers at Surely Signs can help you make a great design. But, if you’re interested in starting the brainstorming process for your design by yourself, use these five tips for designing eye-catching storefront window graphics.

1. Consider the Types

The first thing you need to do is narrow down what kind of window graphics you want to use for your design. You can use the typical vinyl sheets to add text, color and graphics. However, there are other options. Frosted vinyl adds a distorted look to windows, to add privacy. One-way graphics can be seen from the outside, but not from the inside, so that your customers can still look out the window.

2. Start with Your Branding

You want your customers to have a branded experience when they look at your storefront. So, it is essential to start with your branding. Make it large to catch more attention and ensure that everyone knows what office, store, or other business they are looking at in Chicago. Also, consider adding your logo and your slogan to the sign.

3. Use a Lot of Color

One huge advantage of vinyl window decals is that they can have any color printed on them. Don’t limit yourself to just your brand colors. Adding in more can help your sign stand out from the others on the neighborhood. That is, as long as your brand image works with colorful signs—your designer can help you decide that.

4. Height and Location Matters

When designing your signs it is essential to keep in mind where they will be placed. This is especially true for storefront window graphics. If you’re including your hours on the sign, it should be on your door. Your brand name on the window should be at a reasonable height, so that people can see it when they walk or drive by. The placement of other elements might depend on the specific layout of your storefront.

5. Work with Great Sign Designers

The professionals can take a good sign design and make it great. If you’re looking for a creative, effective sign designer, reach out to us at Surely Signs. We offer window graphics in Chicago, FL.

Source: https://surelysigns.com/5-tips-to-design-eye-catching-window-graphics/


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